6 Steps to Marketing Success

A bite-sized, practical 6 step marketing program to help you learn how to attract more customers and grow your business.

I'm Ready to Boost my Business!

Gain lifetime access to the program today for just $997.


24 Modules of Practical Marketing Training over 24 Weeks

Learning Through: Video, Audio, Worksheets & Guides

Easy to Digest, Actionable Marketing Methods & Tactics

Solving the Problems Every Business Owner Faces

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I need more customers
  • I have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing my business
  • No time! Too many priorities. Kids. Family. Work. It's endless!
  • I've tried marketing before, it didn't work

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. The purpose of this program is to help you get from where you are now to successfully attracting customers and growing your business.


"I've learnt everything I know about marketing my personal training business from Sarah. The course helped me launch my new fitness business and successfully attract my first customers."

Ricardo Byatt
Business Owner, Divinus Training

"Running the business as a sole trader is difficult, Sarah has taken away a huge amount of stress, freeing my mind to focus on critical work, the results in growth are fantastic. In short - Sarah is awesome!"

Peter Jenkins
Business Owner, Food Truck Pop Up

"A deep practical knowledge of digital marketing. Highly recommended."

Patrick Deehan
Business Owner, Mindrazr

Who Should Join This Program?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to seriously ramp up their marketing results in 2018, starting immediately in Q1.
  • Personality-based brands – such as speakers, authors, trainers, consultants – especially those who are feeling all-consumed by trying to “do it all,” but are ready to expand and create a smarter marketing approach.
  • Marketing managers who want to bring a more systematic approach to creating marketing results.
  • Independent professionals who want to break away from the pack and create superstar success using marketing.
  • Social media managers, community managers and virtual assistants who want to learn a more systematic approach to marketing success.
  • People in business who may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and like they can never keep up with marketing changes… BUT who are ready for a totally fresh approach that absolutely works! Guaranteed

Are You A "Doer"...or Just a "Talker?"

What's Included?

This program consists of 24 weeks of training with me, Sarah, as your lead trainer.

  • Each module contains videos, specific action steps, worksheets, homework actions and how-to guides.
  • You’ll also get a variety of short video tutorials, along with special guides, checklists and templates for you to use in your own business. The shorter video tutorials make it easy for you to navigate straight to a specific tactic to recap after you have watched the modules.
  • You get to be a member of our active private Facebook forum. This gives you tremendous peer support and priority access to me. Also, you’ll be able to easily search for specific Q&A when you need to.
  • Plus all the bonus items below, such as blueprints, checklists, cheat sheets, and more.

Marketing Plan Blueprint

A done for you marketing plan template that you can customise for your own business. Giving you the best kickstart to your new marketing strategy.

Marketing Tactic Checklists

Checklists for each marketing tactic you may deploy such as; SEO, social media, email marketing and paid media. To make sure you don't miss a thing when actioning your marketing plan.

Marketing Cheats & Secrets

Access to my secret cheat sheets which let you in on all my marketing secrets. Such as my favourite tools, cheeky techniques and cheat sheets for Facebook Ads, SEO backlinking and more.

Private Facebook Group

Access to my private Facebook group where you can talk to me directly - that's like free consulting! You can also network with other course members and learn lots more. 

For a very limited time, you can enroll in the 6 Steps to Marketing Success Program for just $997 (Normally $1997).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You Are Completely Protected by My 30-Day Guarantee

So, I've got a philosophy… If I can't help you make money, I don't deserve yours. 

I'm offering you 100% security in knowing your investment is a workable way to build your business with my 30-day Guarantee.



Here's how it works…

Simply register today, jump inside the course, and immerse yourself and kick off your 6 Steps to Marketing Success.

For the first 30 days you get all of my training, including my done-for-you marketing plan, checklists and cheat sheets.

Start implementing these tools in your business, and watch it work for you. If in the next 30 days you try it out and get stuff done, but aren’t 100% happy with your results, then just let me know and we'll work with you until you get your first marketing plan up and running. Regardless of how long it takes...

BUT to be eligible you MUST fully complete the worksheets from each module.

This means you need to TAKE ACTION. If you take action, put the effort in and complete the modules, then you’re going to get results.

Fair enough?

If you do the work, but for some unique reason my system isn’t working for you, then I will happily help you with your business until you get your marketing plan in place.  

Yes… it’s like I’m practically FORCING you to succeed. :)

For a very limited time, you can enroll in the 6 Steps to Marketing Success Program for just $997 (Normally $1997).

Your Other Options?

  • You could hire a coach or consultant to help you, spending $150+ per hour and $1500+ per month
  • You could hire marketing agencies to do it for you spending minimum $5000+ per month
  • You could go get a degree or other advanced education and waste $100k+ and 2-3 years of your life
  • You could read dozens of books and take heaps of self assessments wasting precious time and $500-$1000+

While these may and probably would help, they're expensive and time consuming!

Plus, none of them come with lifetime access or a guarantee they will work for you!

For a very limited time, you can enroll in the 6 Steps to Marketing Success Program for just $997 (Normally $1997).


  • How much time will it take to go through this training and create my marketing plan?

    All you need is about 2-3 hours a week. But it’s GOT to be quality time, WITHOUT all the distractions.

    You deserve to be successful – but only YOU can give yourself the time to do it.

    Remember, much of this work you’ll only have to do ONCE for a very long time.

  • How quickly can I get started?

    You’ll get your login info immediately when you sign up. Go as quickly as you want but some content is drip-fed to stop you being overwhelmed!

    When you join the 6 Steps to Marketing Success Course, you will get lifetime access to the trainings. Just jump in and get started.

    Each video is easy to follow and only takes up to 10 minutes to watch – perfect bite-sized chunks you can action quickly, so you start getting results fast!

  • What stage of business should I be in to join this program?

    The short answer is… ANY! We’ve got those who don’t have a business yet… and some who’ve been in business for decades.

    It’s not about having business experience... learning how to market your business is a valuable skill that can be repeated time and again.

  • Does this work for a "real" business?

    Yes, absolutely! The same process still applies for every business, whether you sell a product, a service, or an info-product.

  • How techy or creative do I need to be to make this work?

    My course takes you step-by-step, in bite-sized videos through what you need to do.

    And if you get stuck - we're hear to help you. 

  • How quickly can I see a return on my investment?

    How quickly you get that return on investment depends on how well you know your market, and whether you’ve got a product or service they really, really want.

    Rest assured… we’ll make sure you’re not headed down the wrong path. We’ll help you create tour marketing plan and implement your tactics ASAP!

  • How long will this price be good?

    I don’t know exactly how long...

    I do know… As soon as 500 people enroll, we are removing the discounted price. The usual price of the course is $1997.

  • What other tools and expenses will I need to plan for?

    I’ll explain all of the options throughout the course - what you need will depend on the marketing activities in your plan.

    Where possible I recommend free tools to get you started. But the options and opportunities are endless.

  • What happens after the 6 months of the course?

    I’m not going anywhere! I’m still giving support through the Facebook group and you'll have lifetime access to the 6 Steps to Marketing Success Course. You also have the option to upgrade to my membership club to get access to all my courses and resources.

Why Learn With Us?

We've spent time & dollars on education & working in marketing, gaining the experience to be able to help you.


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